The #1 Reason People Join Keller Williams… Training!

Keller Williams Training

I’m going, to be honest…

Starting and owning a business is challenging!

According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. A whopping 80% crash and burn! In the real estate industry, 8 out of 10 real estate agents fail within the first 12 months.


Because like I said before, starting a new business is challenging!

It takes real work, a plan, and, most importantly, being trained on how to actually make money in real estate.

This is why the company you choose to work with is such an important thing to think about! This is also why I am going to make the appeal to you that because of the Keller Williams training, we can give you the best opportunity for success when you choose your brokerage.

So how does Keller Williams training actually help you make money and build a real business?

At KW we will teach you how to get clients, work with buyers, work with sellers, hire people, invest in real estate, grow personally and professionally, and so much more!

Keller Williams has always been and will continue to be a training company first. That’s important and should get you really excited! Gary Keller, one of KW’s founders likes to say that Keller Williams is a training and coaching company disguised as a real estate company.

What does this mean?

It means we are committed to your continued growth and success. It means we don’t just care about how many homes you sell. We care about the business you’re building and the person you’re becoming in the process.

It means we realize that the best way to grow a great company is not to promote the brand. But to promote and invest in each individual agent. Because we know if we can help YOU succeed, then we all succeed.

KW has hung its hat on being THE #1 TRAINING COMPANY IN THE WORLD ACROSS ALL INDUSTRIES for the last few years.

Keller Williams training is the #1 reason why we have grown to over 150,000 agents worldwide and why our first-year dropout rate is much lower than the industry average!

Below you will find a video on the first Keller Williams training you can expect to take once you join your local office. Check it out!

Ignite Training

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