How to Become A Real Estate Agent |
Real Estate Licensing Process

So You Want To Be A Real Estate Agent?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering how to get your real estate license. The steps vary from state to state, but usually involve minimum age and education/experience requirements, as well as application and other state-specific fees/details.

Most states and provinces require a sales agent to have already received their real estate license before joining a brokerage while, in a few, a new agent must obtain a sponsoring brokerage prior to pursuing a license. Licensing requirements involve extensive coursework and passing a state exam.

Keller Williams Realty agents in the United States and Canada are required to be members of their brokerage’s local real estate board, complete certification training, contract-completion training, and perhaps additional real estate training through that board. 

The first step is locating the license requirements of your state and then enrolling in an approved real estate licensing program.

Luckily below I have provided you quick links to state-specific pages that at a minimum will link to the appropriate state site with licensing info as well as recommend online real estate schools.

So, if you want to be a real estate agent, enroll in an approved real estate licensing program through your state/province’s real estate licensing website below, and then submit your interest in a real estate career at Keller Williams Realty!