Are You Going To Pick A Real Estate Specialty?

What kind of real estate agent do you want to be?

I want to take a minute to show you some of the paths KW agents are taking. These are based on the way they prefer to work and where their passions are.

I’ve talked with some people getting their license who told me they met with other brokers where the ONLY thing they could do was be a buyer’s agent. Hmmm, that doesn’t sound like very much fun. I don’t know about you, but I’m not really a fan of being limited.

I like to refer to Keller Williams as a “choose your own destiny” kind of company, because nobody will tell you what to do. They simply present all the options available and allow you to choose what opportunities you want to take advantage of.

Today I want to show you a few of the Real Estate Specialty Areas you can choose to do.

When most people think about real estate brokers, they think of the traditional roles of a buyer’s agent and listing agent. That is – selling houses and helping buyers find houses. While that is indeed the bread and butter of Keller Williams and our agents excel at it, we have a few other divisions in KW for those wishing to do something a little different.

Just in case you were interested in some other things I want to let you know what’s out there:

Farm and Ranch

Our farm and ranch division consists of North America’s most influential group of land professionals. If you love the outdoors – perhaps you live in a rural area or you have a passion for equestrian estates. You might want to check out our farm and ranch division to become a certified specialist in this area.

Property Management

There are KW agents that manage over 150 rental properties for different investors. (Don’t worry; they typically have a few people on their team so they don’t go crazy.)

Rather than helping customers buy and sell, they have built a business on managing.  If you’re looking to get into property management, KW has the resources to help you accomplish that.


Our KW Commercial division does over $3.5 billion in lease and investment sales annually. Some of our corporate clients include Honda, Shell Oil, and American Express.

We have the top educational, technology, and marketing programs to help you be successful in the commercial real estate sphere. If commercial real estate is what you are passionate about, then look no further than our commercial division of Keller Williams.


This is probably my favorite of the real estate specialty areas. The KW Luxury division consists of an elite and sophisticated group of real estate consultants. They raise the bar on service in the upper-level market. If you’ve always wanted to work in luxury real estate, you can become a member of our luxury division.

You can even complete our Institute of Luxury Home Marketing course. Then you will learn how to reach your target audience and sell the most unique real estate in the world.

Hopefully, this brief overview opens your eyes to some of the other possibilities and paths within KW.

Remember, the niche you pick is not what determines your success. It’s your commitment to following the proven models of success we have at KW that will enable you to succeed. No matter which real estate specialty areas you choose to focus on!

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